Thousands of Students in Hartford Return to the Classroom for in-Person Learning Today

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Today is a big day for thousands of students in Hartford who have been learning remotely for months and will now step foot back into the classroom.

“As a parent, I think it’s time, I’m pretty sure the parents that have really been in the trenches with their kids remotely are ready for them to come back," said Shakira Perez, a parent in Hartford.

The Hartford Public School district made the decision to bring back 2,600 remote learning students to in-person learning beginning today.

More than 2,500 students in Hartford are heading back to the classroom tomorrow after more than a year of learning from home.

The administration said a low infection and positivity rate inside of the schools, ongoing mitigation efforts and more staff getting vaccinated made now the right time.

They've been working on air quality and continue to enforce mask and hand hygiene.

The Hartford Federation of Teachers still believes it's too soon.

 “We needed more time to address and be prepared," said Hartford Federation of Teachers President Carol Gale. “...In the sense that Monday, we are going to get an influx of virtual students into our schools,” she added.

Families have the option to keep their children in remote learning. Either way, parents will need to coordinate with their child's school.

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