23 Charged in Massive Willimantic Drug Roundup

Police in Willimantic have arrested 23 people as part of a months-long drug roundup.

“Operation Thread City Roundup” is one of the largest groups of arrests Willimantic is seen in years. Police said it started with a tip from the public.

Charges against the 23 arrestees include possession of drugs and possession with intent to sell.

Police said investigators found a large amount of cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine and K2, along with more than $5200 cash. They also confiscated three vehicles as part of the investigation.

One of the people arrested, Jaime Padilla, is accused of shooting a 16-year-old near Main Street in Willimanic last August.

The following people have been arrested:

Susan Davis, 40, sale of heroin
Joshua Wilcox, 22, sale of narcotics
Nelson Rodrigues, 23, sale of cocaine
Isabel Marcano, 36, sale of heroin
Osvaldo Lopez, 18, sale of narcotics
Ashley Easton, 25, sale of narcotics
Nicholas Quinones, 31, sale of narcotics
Christopher Van Putten, 28, sale of cocaine
Jaime Padilla, 19, sale of heroin
Alexander Deleon, 22, sale of cocaine
Pedro Rivera-Santiago, 25, sale of heroin
Thomas Gasper, 39, sale of narcotics
Robert Macha, 49, sale of narcotics
Charles Ward, 31, sale of narcotics
Ruben Colón, 23, sale of narcotics
Alex Rodriguez, 34, sale of cocaine
Ricardo Rivera, 39, sale of narcotics
Julio Rivera, 58, sale of heroin
Esteban Perez, 44, sale of heroin
Alexis Rodriguez, 25, sale of heroin
Carlos Hernandez, 37, sale of heroin
Charles Mills, 35, sale of narcotics
Julio Valdespino, 35, possession of narcotics

All 23 appeared in court Monday.

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