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Church Vandals Strike Again in Derby



    The Immanuel Saint James Church in Derby has been vandalized for a second time in weeks. Repairs will cost the church even more this time. (Published Friday, May 17, 2013)

    Vandals strike again at a church in Derby for the second time in two weeks. This time the problems are even worse and fixing the damage could be pricey.

    “I said you’re kidding me,” explained Al Smith. Smith was shocked when he saw the window at the Immanuel St. James Church in Derby. “This is totally ridiculous,” he added.

    On Tuesday, the 90 year old maintenance worker noticed someone threw a rock through the stained glass.  It had been here since the 1800’s.  “Who would damage a church?” Smith questioned. 

    It was especially troubling, since the same thing happened there in April.  The damage was still visible on two windows from that incident. 

    “I didn't think somebody was going to come back again this fooled me,” Smith admitted.

    Fixing the historic windows could be expensive.  Al Smith said the damage from a few weeks ago would cost $45,000.  The problems from this week might have been more costly, the glass was more unique.

    “It's up in the hundreds of thousands,” Smith explained.  He said insurance might not cover the entire cost.  His main concern was that the vandals could come back.  “We never had any of these problems before,” Smith said.

    Smith had planned to put up wiring in the next few days, just in case the windows were targeted again.

    “My first question would be to ask them why?” Smith said. 

    Police still have not caught whoever is behind the destruction.

    If anyone has any information regarding these crimes, you are urged to contact Derby Police at 203-735-7811.