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Malloy: 2014 Will be a Jobs Session



    Malloy: 2014 Will be a Jobs Session

    Governor Dannel Malloy unveiled a part of his budget proposal Monday aimed at helping unemployed workers in Connecticut.

    Among the items in the plan, the governor wants to spend $10 million to expand the Step-Up program. That program provides incentives to small companies who hire workers that need on the job training.

    "It's been an awesome experience," said Aundrea Hargrove of Farmington. "I've learned a lot."

    The governor said 2014 will be a jobs session. 

    "We will continue to be concentrating on job creation, job growth, job attraction and job preparation," said Malloy.

    As for possible tax cuts the governor left the door open.

    "Those who sacrificed their needs need to be taken into consideration in light of where we are," said Malloy.

    Republican lawmakers hope tax and spending cuts are front and center during the upcoming legislative session.

    "Certainly I would love to see tax cuts but also spending cuts need to be talked about at the same side of the equation," said Sen. Rob Kane.

    The economy isn't the only issue lawmakers will tackle this year.

    Legislators also plan to improve the mental health system and re-focus efforts on school security.

    "We're certainly going to build on what we accomplished in the bi-partisan bill that came out of the Newtown tragedy," said Sen. President Donald Williams.

    Williams also told NBC Connecticut that in the wake of the NSA controversy he is planning to introduce legislation that would protect consumer privacy.

    "We want to make sure that when folks are asked to sign documents and provide information that they understand what the ramifications are and how that information is going to be used," said Williams.

    Legislators could also tackle a number of other issues including distracted driving, non-profit hospitals and the regulation of drones.

    Lawmakers return on February 5, the same day Governor Malloy will deliver his State of the State address.