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New Database Shows Which Companies Are Getting Tax Dollars



    Governor Malloy signed an executive order to increase transparency on economic development incentives (Published Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013)

    The public will now have more access to information about how the state is spending taxpayer dollars.

    Governor Dannel Malloy signed an executive order on Tuesday creating a database of the state's economic assistance programs.

    The economic development programs, such as First Five and Small Business Express, have come at a cost of $475 million but the governor says those programs have created more than 11,000 jobs.

    "This information will give a clear picture of whether or not our investments are paying off in the State of Connecticut," said Gov. Malloy.

    The governor signed the order at Salamander Designs, a Bloomfield based home entertainment company. They received $350,000 from the state. With that money they hired six new employees and were able to stop outsourcing.

    "It really helped to put wind in our sales to really invigorate us," said Sal Carrabba, the company's president.

    Since the economic assistance programs began two years ago they have come under fire from Republicans.

    "It's an awful lot of money flying out the door and we don't know where that money is going," said Rep. Jason Perillo.

    The most recent controversy came after Hartford-based Back9Network posted inappropriate videos on its website. That company received millions from the state.

    "If we're going to put taxpayer dollars out there it better be for the right reasons, for the right things," said Rep. Perillo.

    Critics also say that this database should have been in place years ago. A bill, which would have created such a database, died in the General Assembly during the last legislative session.

    Governor Malloy said there was no intentional delay.

    "I've never been against sharing appropriate information with the public but what we needed to do is build that capability, but we've now built it," he said.

    Check out the database HERE