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Residents Use Social Media to Help Make Roads Safer



    Residents Use Social Media to Help Make Roads Safer

    One community in East Haven is fed up with drivers breaking the law and are getting help from police by using social media.

    Cars blow through a four way intersection at Thompson Avenue and Tyler Street right in front of Valerie Faticone's home.

    "They never stop," said Faticone, who's lived in the home 12 years.

    "All of sudden you'll be sitting there and you'll hear a 'bam' and you jump off your couch and you're like oh my god! Somebody is going to come through these stop signs and they are going to hit somebody walking their dog or with their children."

    East Haven police say this is one of their problem streets along with Hemingway Avenue which is one of the biggest arteries in the city. Sergeant Joe Murgo says he doesn't have a specific reason why people are disobeying traffic laws other than that drivers are using less care.

    Officers are focusing their efforts on these streets by using social media--hearing about problem areas from concerned neighbors through the department's new Facebook page.

    "People are actually reaching out to us," Murgo said. "They're giving us inbox messages if they don't want to post on our wall. It's turned into a tipline asking for help in saturating areas with more important crimes and more violent things," he added.

    Murgo says the social networking site has helped bridge the gap between the community and the department so that they focus on dangerous intersections like Thompson and Tyler as well as roads like Hemingway and other issues residents might have.

    East Haven Police said Facebook is another way to reach out and heal its relationship with the community in the wake of the racial profiling scandal that's rocked the department for years.