April Snow Rare but Not Unheard Of

It has snowed many times in April over the last 112 years, but snow this late in the season is considered rare.

First Alert meteorologists dug through the records and calculated some interesting stats regarding late-season snowfall.

For the purposes of these fun facts, "late season" means on or after April 1.

Late-season measurable snow has been recorded 104 times since 1905.

Measurable snow is any amount at or above a tenth of an inch.

Of those 104 occurrences of late-season snow, 43 were one inch or more.

The most recent late-season bout of measurable snow occurred two years ago, back on April 16, 2014.

Other recent years with measurable snow after April 1 include 2011 and 2006.

The most recent late-season inch or more of snow fell in 2011, with 2006 also making the list.

While it can snow in May, that hasn't happened since 1977 – when almost a foot of snow fell in the northwest hills.

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