Bird Scooters, E Bikes Now Available for Rent in Middletown

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Bird scooters and e bikes are now available for rent in Middletown.

City officials said they have teamed up with Bird, an environmentally friendly electric transportation company, to bring the shared e-scooters and bikes to Middletown.

Both options are available to rent for short rides for anyone who is 18 or older. They are parked on the sidewalks, lock to themselves and are activated through a free smartphone app.

The bikes should be ridden in the street and follow all traffic laws. Riders should use bike lanes when possible and should not ride on the sidewalk.

Users can park the scooters anywhere on the sidewalk in the furniture zone as long as access isn't blocked for others. The city says the furniture zone is the area between the curb and the walkway where there may already be trash bins, bus stops, benches and bike racks.

You can use the scooters by downloading the Bird app on your phone and setting up an account. The pricing depends on the ride, but the city says it costs $1 to start and $0.49 per minute until the end of the ride.

There are also discounts for low income riders, Pell Grant recipients, select local nonprofit and community organizations, veterans and senior citizens, the city said.

Free rides are available to healthcare workers and emergency personnel for two free 30-minute rides per day.

More information about the new transportation can be found here.

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