Birds Stuck in Parks and Rec Building Ruffle Feathers


Some birds have made a home inside the Parks and Recreation building in Wallingford, and plans to seal up holes they used to move in have some residents troubled.

Birds apparently squeezed into the Parks & Recreation Department and Government Access Television through one-inch holes, according to the Meriden-Record Journal.

Now, along with nests and droppings there are dead birds between the roof and the ceiling, the paper reports, and Public Works Director Henry McCully said it’s a health hazard.

The recommended solution: plug up the holes, but that’s getting some feathers ruffled.

Susan Keeney, a self-described animal activist from Meriden, told the Record-Journal she is considering a protest or petition if the situation is not handled correctly.

An expert has suggested that Wallingford hold off for a couple of weeks before plug the holes, so that hatchlings can fly from the coop, so to speak.

So, the town waits, but not forever.

Mayor William W. Dickinson Jr. told the newspaper that this is a health issue.

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