Cars and Houses Riddled With BB Gun Shots in West Haven

Police in West Haven are looking for a BB gun bandit who has been targeting homes and vehicles.

The incidents are leaving a big mess — as well as big repair bills — for residents to deal with.
"This morning, when I’m opening the blinds, I noticed, I said there was a hole," said Robin Foster, a West Haven resident.

Police investigators said that the hole in her living room window was likely caused by a BB gun shot by someone after sunset on Monday.

"We’re hardworking people," said Foster. "We don’t have extra time or money to spend to fix this stuff that wasn’t broken in the first place."

At least a half dozen cars and homes were vandalized in the area of Dana Street and Campbell and First Avenues.

"Our van window was completely shattered and the gentleman two cars in front of us, his window had two small holes in it," said Jaime Cilinceon.

It may cost Cilinceon a couple hundred dollars to fix the window on the sliding door of her minivan. That repair may come at a cost to her daughters, ages 4 and 7, soon to be ages 5 and 8.

"That’s two hundred dollars that could have gone to the kids’ Christmas," said Cilinceon. "And both girls have birthdays right after Christmas."

West Haven police have not made any arrests or identified any potential suspects in the case.

“Karma – karma is going to get them," said Foster.

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