Cheshire Girls' Hockey Team Wants to be a Varsity Sport

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Members of the Cheshire girls ice hockey team are fighting to make it a varsity sport instead of a club activity.

The girls argue that as of right now they are not being treated equally when compared to the boys team.

When the Blades take the ice, the girls ice hockey team draws players from three high schools, including seven athletes from Cheshire.

“I just love it. I’m so excited to be out there,” said Cheshire sophomore Anna Lindner.

This is the first season for Lindner.

“It was a very big decision in my family. I actually ended up making a power point presentation to convince my parents because again the cost is a lot,” said Lindner.

In total, girls from Cheshire have to pay $1,800.

That’s far more than members of the school’s boys team, who pay around $200.

Cheshire graduate Meaghan Hogan played all four years.

“It’s been hard not getting the same equality,” said Hogan.

That’s why senior Nadia DiNatale and others set out to bring about change.

The girls have to pay more because their team is considered a co-op, club activity, not a varsity sport. They also can’t earn a varsity letter.

“It would be pretty important because it recognizes that we work hard because we have won two SCC championships in the last four years,” said DiNatale.

On Thursday they took their fight to the school board and were applauded for their passion by some board members.

Friday in a statement the Cheshire school superintendent Jeff Solan wrote in part:

“Cheshire High School has an impressive array of interscholastic sports.  We are periodically petitioned to add sports or activities … I was proud of how our students presented their case.”

For supporters of the varsity designation, the lower cost is important, as well as the message that will be sent.

“Knowing that boys and girls should be treated equally because that’s the right thing to do,” said Lindner.

“It will really get the idea out that hockey is like a great sport to join and I think a lot more girls will come in,” said DiNatale.

The superintendent said they will consider the request as they begin debating the budget this month. He said there are things to study including the cost and logistics.

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