CIAC Lays Out Plan for Fall School Sports

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CIAC held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss their updated Fall sports plan.

This news conference comes after the chair of the Connecticut High School Football Coaches Association confirmed high school football was back on in Connecticut this fall.

CIAC Executive Director Glenn Lungarini said the organization will be reaching out to football coaches to discuss the minimum number of games that they feel would be of value.

The CIAC originally released a plan for fall football but then hit pause in response to concerns from the state Department of Public Health over contact sports

Prior guidance on girls’ volleyball did not recommend full-contact and called for making modifications to lower the risk and to consult the sports medicine committee to study and vet changes.

Lungarini said they looked into the possibility of playing volleyball outdoors, but that does not seem possible. They might be looking into whether wearing masks might be a possibility.

The meeting lasted more than two hours over Zoom. The purpose of the meeting was for the CIAC to gain a better understanding for the change in the DPH's position regarding fall sports.

On Wednesday the CIAC published a new fall sports plan that stated all fall sports, including football, will begin on August 29.

All sports will be limited to low risk conditioning and non-contact skill work through September 20, and will take place is cohorts no larger than 10.

The CIAC said that on September 21, which is two weeks from when many member schools will start, they will assess the COVID-19 data to determine if full practices can begin. The CIAC will be monitoring the data daily and inform member schools each Friday of the outlook for the following week.

If the metrics remain safe, games or contests will begin on October 1.

DPH has recommended certain guidelines to protect student athletes, including holding conditioning and practices outdoors if possible and to use face coverings and social distancing.  NBC Connecticut has reached out to DPH for comment on the new CIAC plan.

Lungarini said that even if student-athletes do not compete, they want to be able to provide options for students to get the benefits of sports activity.

The situation with COVID-19 will be fluid and he urged students not to let what might happen tomorrow diminish the experiences today.

Lungarini said the conversations will continue with the state Department of Health.

For full details on the CIAC fall sports plan, click here. Officials are expected to provide more details at a press conference Thursday morning.

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