Connecticut Teen's Photo of Sister With Poison Ivy Goes Viral

In this case, one sister's pain was another sister's laugh. 

A Connecticut teen posted a picture of her sister on Twitter after the 21-year-old was infected with poison ivy in her eyes.

Days ago, Emily Petrozza, of Newington, noticed she had poison ivy on her arm after a day of fishing with her friends and taking care of feral cats in the neighborhood, her sister, Lauren, told NBC Connecticut.

At first, Emily wasn't concerned but after taking out her contact lens, her face swelled a little and Lauren took some photos before the sisters went to bed that night. 

Lauren said the following morning, she heard her sister crying and saying she needed to go to urgent care. While, Lauren was still half-sleep, her sister went to a walk-in clinic and sent her sister a SnapChat photo.

The pictures shows Emily with her eyes swollen shut. Lauren posted onto her personal Twitter account to get some laughs. 

"I think it’s funny. I thought people in my town would get a kick out of it," Lauren told NBC Connecticut. "But I guess everyone else did too."

The picture has been shared tens of thousands of times.

At first Emily was upset the photo of her inflamed eyes and skin was posted, but later found the response from people very funny. 

"A lot of people said the same thing had happened to them," Lauren said. "Some posted pictures of cartoon characters and said she looked like them."

Lauren said her sister is doing much better, while still puffy, she is able to open her eyes and is on medication.

Lauren Petrozza
Lauren Petrozza
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