Dozens of Wheels Stolen Off Cars in Waterbury: Police

Police are trying to figure out who stole wheels from cars in Waterbury over the last several weeks. 

The latest incident of tires and rims being stolen off a car and placed on milk crates happened on Fiske Street early Wednesday morning.

“Actually we came out and my son went to the gym in the morning and he noticed the car was tilted but he thought she had a flat tire but as it happened, all four were gone,” said Mary Dooley who lives next to the owner of the car.

Police said cars in the Overlook neighborhood are being targeted including on Thomaston Avenue, Schraffts Drive and Plank Road.

Dana Santulli was a victim of one of the thefts.

"I woke up the next day seen the car jacked up on milk crates and basically that’s it. Called the cops and couldn’t find anybody on officers. We got new wheels and tires for the car," said Santulli, who's wheels were stolen off his Honda in late March.

He said the damage cost about $7,200 to replace, which includes damage to one of the windows and the bottom of the car because of the crates.

He is now having to take extra precautions, like adding wheel locks, an alarm, and a motion sensor detector outside his home.

Police said it appears most of the cars thieves are targeting are Hondas.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Waterbury Police.

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