Fans at Yale Hockey Game Could Purchase Shirt for Fundraiser

Tonight's Yale men's ice hockey game against Union College is billed as a white-out, with fans wearing white in memory of Mandi Schwartz, a Yale women's ice hockey player who died from AML, a form of leukemia.

While the women's team was beating Brown University this afternoon, fans could purchase white out shirts and sweatshirts to benefit the Mandi Schwartz Foundation.

Aleca Hughes, former team captain, said, "They are all white so people at Ingalls Rink supporting the team will be in uniform white for Mandi honoring her life and legacy."

She and the foundation have raised tens of thousands of dollars.

"It's grown every year and two years ago we had the St. Louis Blues here, this year we're doing it back to back with the men's hockey team."

Mandi Schwartz memorabilia fills part of a display case inside the lobby of the rink. Before she died in 2011 her illness led to bone marrow drives at Yale that identified six donors for other patients awaiting transplants. People can donate money to the foundation by participating in an auction at the hockey rink.

"The auction items are very impressive if you're looking for a gift for a young inspiring hockey player- signed jersey, signed stick all that good stuff."

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