FEMA Approves Additional $300 Per Week for Unemployed in Connecticut

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Unemployed Connecticut residents who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic could get some additional help after FEMA approved the state's application for $300 per week in supplemental benefits.

FEMA said early Tuesday morning that FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor has approved Connecticut for a grant under the FEMA Lost Wages Assistance program.

The grant funding will allow Connecticut to provide an additional $300 per week to those who became unemployed due to COVID-19, on top of their regular unemployment benefit.

Earlier this month, Gov. Ned  Lamont addressed the state's plan for applying for help to the unemployed.

He previously said a second option, which required states to come up with a 25 percent match in order for recipients to receive $400 in extra weekly benefits, would be too expensive for the state to cover.

FEMA said President Donald Trump made about $44 billion available from FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial assistance.

Connecticut is one of more than 25 states approved for this extra unemployment insurance.

The $300 additional benefit will be retroactive to the claim week beginning July 26, according to Gov. Lamont.

People who are eligible must self-certify that they are unemployed or partially unemployed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligibility includes:

  • Recipients of at least $100 per week of any of the following benefits for the week they are seeking unemployment benefits
  • Claimants receiving unemployment compensation including state and federal workers and former service members as well as those receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Extended Benefits, or High Extended Benefits
  • Anyone who qualified for Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation
  • Claimants receiving Short-Time Compensation
  • Workers with a Trade Readjustment Allowance

A full list of states previously approved for lost wages assistance can be found here.

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