Firefighters Rescue Driver After Crash Through Fence, Onto Street Below in Norwich

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There was a really difficult rescue operation in Norwich on Saturday after an SUV crashed through a fence and fell onto a street below.

Firefighters had to improvise to help a woman whose car slid on the snow, down a hill and through a fence on School Street.

The vehicle then went over an embankment and dropped onto Court Street below and landed on its roof.

"She was trying to brake and it just, it just wouldn't stop," said Amy Aitkens, of Norwich.

Neighbors heard the car crash through the fence and in the impact on the roadway below.

"Just sounded like a big crash," Aitkens said.

"All I heard was a crack and people screaming and that was it," added Willy Andujar, of Norwich.

Conditions were so slippery on the steep road that the ambulance couldn't make it up so first responders had to get creative.

They placed the woman, who was on a backboard, down onto the snowy street and slid her down with the help of some ropes to the ambulance waiting below.

"Every resource incoming had a challenge in some way, shape or form," said Norwich Fire Department Captain Allyn Fitch.

Fire officials called the rescue "treacherous" and "precarious" and successful.

"In this particular scenario and because of the geography of the streets where we're at, it's impacting us greatly," Fitch added.

It was a challenging job made even more difficult in winter weather.

"If you don't need to go anywhere and it's not important, stay home," Aitkens added.

Norwich police closed some of the roads in that area to prevent another crash.

The woman involved in the crash was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

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