Flu Activity Widespread in Connecticut

Right now the flu is sweeping across Connecticut.

The latest numbers from the state health department reveal three people have died in connection with the flu and more than 500 have fallen sick this season.

An updated report should be released on Friday.

“Influenza activity has picked up in both our emergency room, as well as the inpatient setting,” said Dr. Virginia Bieluch, the chief of infectious diseases at The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain.

She tells us the flu can peak anytime between November and March.

“As people go back to school and work, we may see even more influenza,” Bieluch said.

Right now Bieluch says it’s too early to know how bad this year will be or the effectiveness of this year’s vaccine.

“I’ve had the flu and it was horrible. It was very horrible. Nowadays the vaccines are awesome,” said Casey Roy of New Britain.

That’s why Roy got her daughter, Londyn, vaccinated.

While the vaccine is not 100 percent effective, experts tell us it does lessen your chance of having severe symptoms if you catch the flu.

Once you get the shot, it does take a couple of weeks for the vaccine to reach full strength.

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