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Glastonbury Officer Spreads Cheer With Holiday Light Display

Glastonbury resident Ken Keeney spread the spirit of the season with a festive holiday lights display every year.

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Some of the best holiday displays might be just a quick drive from your home.

From the dozen inflatables to the thousands of lights about an acre of a front yard on Chalker Hill in Glastonbury is transformed each holiday season.

“It’s about spreading the spirit of the season,” said Ken Keeney. “It’s the stressors of life, it’s taking it all away and making it disappear. It just gives me a smile, makes me feel good to know that I’m going something positive for the community.”

Keeney said it costs him more than $1,000 each year to put this on, from buying new decorations to the higher electric bill.

But he said it’s worth it knowing it could make a difference for others.

This is a family affair as they dress up as elves to hand out candy to those stop by.

“It brings joy. It’s the best way to get me off of the computer,” said Oiley Keeney, Ken’s son.

Possibly most sentimental among all the displays is a bench.

Keeney – who is a Glastonbury police officer – said it was meant as a memorial to fallen law enforcement, as well as his own father who passed away when he was quite young.

“Losing my father at one on Christmas Day has impacted my whole life and instead of it being a tragic thing we try to turn it into a celebration,” said Keeney.

Since Keeney was in his teens he’s been putting up displays, and for the past six years they’ve been getting bigger and better. It’s a way to encourage others to celebrate life, have fun and spend time with family.

It’s something his own son Oiley hopes to eventually carry on.

“I’m definitely going to take his spirit and put it into my heart where I can make Christmas decorations like this and inspire people to do stuff like this. Like he said, five minutes of joy. That’s all you need,” said Oiley Keeney.

You can check out the display on Chalker Hill from 4:30 p.m. until about 10 p.m. each night. It runs to around New Years.

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