Youth Team Prepares for Football Season Without Beloved Coach

Kamron Redding-Hall, affectionately known as "Coach Kam," should have been at Keney Park instructing the junior Peewee team on Monday evening. Instead, the Hartford Hurricanes found themselves gearing up for the football season without him.

Redding-Hall, 26, died in a motorcycle crash exiting Interstate 84 in East Hartford on Friday night. He leaves behind two young sons.

"He was quiet, but he made a huge impact as you can see," said Ki Tripp, vice president of the Hartford Hurricanes, and the Redding-Hall's uncle.

Those who know Coach Kam describe the father of two as a family man who cared about his community and youth development and as someone became an important person to dozens of kids on and off the field.

"He had way more than two children," said Tripp.

This would have been Redding-Hall’s sixth season with the organization.

"I definitely looked up to him. I get emotional talking about it," said Mayze James, who was coached by Redding-Hall.

The news of Redding-Hall's death came as a blow, but instead of drowning in sorrow, the Hartford Hurricane community took action and launched a fundraiser both in person and online. The organization will also have remembrance patches made for the players.

"Send his family, show them the love because they've traveled with us throughout the region. They've supported us over the last five years, and I think we owe them the same respect, show them we're there for their time of need," said Hartford Hurricanes President Phil Bryant.

Redding-Hall's family said the response has been overwhelming and is humbled by the support that continues pouring in.

"He'll forever live as long as I'm still here," said Redding-Hall's brother, Keatric Redding, who also coaches the Hartford Hurricanes.

Thanks to his players, Coach Kam lives on.

"He's going to be missed. We all love him. Even though he's not here, he's always going to be part of the Hurricane family," said James.

A GoFundMe page is collecting donations for Redding-Hall, and a table will be set up during Hartford Hurricanes practice at Keney Park where residents can donate Thursday and Friday.

This Saturday's "Stop the Violence Jamboree" at Colt Park in Hartford will be renamed the Kamron Redding-Hall Bowl. It takes place from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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