Hartford Residents, Community Leaders Call for End to Violence

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Addressing the recent increase of gun violence in the Capital City, community activists, residents, city leaders, and police joined together. Mothers United Against Violence held a rally at Dunkin’ Donuts Park to raise awareness, hand out school supplies, and offer resources.

“It just breaks my heart that there’s so much violence,” said Henrietta Beckman with MUAV.

“We're asking the people in the community to police themselves and help the police department so we can bring to an end these types of activities in Hartford,” said Rev. Henry Brown with MUAV.

Police say, to date, they’ve seen a more than 50% increase in shootings compared to last year.

Among the more than 100 people that attended MUAV’s rally, many shared stories of their loved ones and the grief they still carry. Thomas Logan’s daughter was killed 20 years ago.

“This I wish on no one. You’re not supposed to bury your children,” said Logan. “My closure will come when I leave here and I get to see her again.”

Due to the rising violence, and at the mayor’s request, state police are now assisting Hartford police. And activists are hoping neighbors come together to help one another and police, to end conflict, and to make their community safe.

“Stop the violence. Everyone do their part. We can all do our part to make this community better,” said Beckman.

“Let’s save our families in Hartford because nobody is safe with the violence going on in Hartford,” said Brown.

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