Hogan's Cider Mill Prepares to Host Free Weddings For Couples Affected by Pandemic

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Starting next month, local venues can once again host events like weddings. One mill in Burlington is looking to help 10 couples get married who had to put their nuptials on hold because of the pandemic.

Hogan's Cider Mill is used to providing tasty beverages, but they're looking to bring joy to 10 couples without having to worry about any expenses. The mill is hosting a free "Minimony' ceremony for 10 couples.

In almost a month, Jason Loftus and his fiance, Michelle, will be tying the knot without having to worry about any financial obligations.

Jason Loftus with his fiancé, Michelle. The couple are one of the 10 couples who will be getting married at Hogan's Cider Mill.

"It's a great relief off our shoulders," said Loftus. "We're extremely happy and we just can't wait."

The plans for the ceremony fall on the heels of Governor Lamont's announcement to ease restrictions on event venues beginning May 19.

"We've had so many couples reach out and share their stories with us and some of these stories are heart-breaking," said Margaret Borla, event coordinator at the Mill.

Borla came up with the wedding idea as a way to ease the financial burden on families and allow others to take part in a sentimental milestone.

"We just have this beautiful space out here and I saw it as an opportunity to help couples in need and make their day as special as possible," said Borla.

The business community is also coming out to support including photographers, DJs, even landscapers.

"It's time to bring light and love back to the community and back to the world," said Kaitlyn Larson, owner of Larson's Garden Center. "COVID has canceled a lot, but it doesn't have to cancel love so I think it's a fantastic way to give back," said Celine Twilley, owner of Barefoot in the North Photography.

For those couple who have yet to have their special day, Jason has one message.

"Even if it's 10 people or 100 people that you can have, go with it, don't hold back because you have to be happy," said Loftus.

Hogan's Cider Mill will continue to accept couple's applications until Friday. The 10 weddings will happen on May 22. For more information about applying, click here.

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