Whale Sighting Reported Near Westport and Norwalk: Police

A year after several humpback whales were spotting in Long Island Sound, two police departments from shoreline towns are reporting seeing a whale today. 

A large humpback whale was spotted near Cockenoe Island in the waters off Westport Friday morning, according to police.

Norwalk police also shared video the Norwalk Police Department Marine Unit took of a whale today. 

This is the third consecutive year that one humpback or more was spotted in the Sound, according to the Maritime Aquarium.  

Several humpback whales were spotted in Long Island Sound this time last year as well. 

Curt Johnson, the executive director of Connecticut Fund for the Environment’s Save the Sound, said last year that investments in cleaning up the water have made way or whales in search of food.

All marine animals are protected by the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Officials from Maritime Aquarium said one of the three humpbacks that turned up in the Sound two years ago was killed by "blunt force trauma," which was likely caused by a collision with a sailboat.

They ask that boaters not go out and chase the whale and they strongly ask boaters to cut their engines or drop their sails and just watch.

If you spot a whale, report the sighting by email to John Lenzycki and Dave Hudson at the Maritime Aquarium.

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