“Making the Grade” Education Stories

We're reporting on "what's working" inside classrooms -- great ideas and innovative programs that are having a meaningful impact on the state's children.

Back to School to Learn to Teach

Professionals are getting the skills to change careers and learn to teach through the Alternate Route to Certification program.

Mock Trial, Real Lessons
Teenage legal eagles from across the state are sharpening their skills in mock trial competition.

Turning Helping into a Class Lesson
Students Ethel Walkers School in Simsbury are getting to work, cleaning dorm rooms and selling water to help sick children.

Students Get Hands-On Lesson from Pratt and Whitney
Fifth-grade students at Hockanum Elementary School learned first-hand from Pratt and Whitney how cool math, science, technology and engineering can be.

Walk, Climb, Learn
Connecticut magnet school integrates exercise curriculum to maximize learning.

Sky's the Limit for Durham Seniors
The Wise Independent Senior Experience, WISE. is part of national program that allows seniors to explore something that isn't offered in the standard curriculum or that simply sparks their interest.

Remembering the Holocaust with 6 Million Tabs
A student project in Hartford started in December with a lesson about Nazi Germany and now they are trying to collect 6 million pull tabs.

Recess Doesn't Always Mean Active Kids
According to a study, 89 percent of children in day care are "completely sedentary".  See why experts say playground time is so important.

Gabbing Helps Kids Learn
Students learn in various ways.  Some learn best through reading, others through observation or participation.  And for some, discussion is the most profound tool.

Cuts Concern Hundreds of Teachers
Next academic year, Hartford schools will have fewer teachers and staff under a proposed $283.6 million budget.  Eight percent of the district's workforce would be cut.

Positive Behavior Proves Productive in School
A UConn education professor has developed a teaching approach now used widely at schools across the country -- Positivial Behavior Support.

Enfield School Could Be on Chopping Block
Parents packed an Enfield Board of Education meeting to urge members not to shut down one of the elementary schools, as they try to shave $4 million from next year's budget.

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