Yalie Is the Men in the Mirror

A Yale student just might have one of the most popular tributes to Michael Jackson circulating online right now.

When you click the link to “Michael Jackson Medley” on YouTube, you see one guy on stage -- Sam Tsui.

Then, it looks like more people join him in a six-man a Capella group performing Michael Jackson’s greatest hits – Man in the Mirror, Beat It, all the regulars. But, it’s all Tsui. He sings in harmony with himself and makes himself look like a group by wearing three different shirts.

Tsui created the video with his friend Kurt Schneider, another Yale student, and it now has more than 1 million hits. 

The idea came about when Schneider wanted Tsui to film a duet with a girl, but she dropped out, the Yale students told Bonnie Hunt when they appeared recently on the show.

So Schneider came up with an idea. Tsui could sing pretty high, they said on the show, so he could sing both parts. Schneider worked on the technology end and created a video making it look like there were two Tsuis. It went on from there until you have six Tsuis singing MJ.   

In case you’re wondering what Sam and Kurt’s plans are, neither is studying music. Tsui said he is studying classical Greek and Schneider is studying math. They do, however, plan to put out a CD.

Tsui, who is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, is also a member of Yale’s a Cappella group. The Duke’s Men. Schneider is from the same town.    

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