Middletown Residents Without Heat Battle Bitter Cold


When the temperature outside is below freezing, the last thing you want is for the thermostat inside to show temperatures dropping. But 17 families living on Rising Trail Drive in Middletown had to deal with it for hours. They were without power and without heat.

"It's been tough. I mean we're bundling up. We went out to restaurants to stay warm. We have all types of blankets on the kids, people down the street have babies here. It's absolutely ridiculous," said Andrew Aiello of Middletown.
The power was knocked out around 10 a.m. Friday after a plow moving snow accidentally knocked into an underground transformer.
"I was actually on the internet when I realized I no longer had a connection because my wireless router was down. I was like 'oh, no power,'" said Greg Johnson of Middletown.
So they spent the day trying to deal with the situation.
"Went to the mall, just to try to stay warm there," said Johnson.
"No lights, so we have like little candles and little battery lights and that's it," said Debbie Foster of Middletown.
They waited while Connecticut Light and Power fixed the transformer. The company had to work with environmental experts for oil that spilled within the transformer, then had to get a replacement. Neighbors were frustrated with what they say was the company's lack of urgency.
"First it was twelve o'clock, then it was one o'clock, then it was two o'clock. Every time you call up they give you a different time," said Aiello. "On a day like today, we should be treated with an emergency. They don't care we're freezing I guess."
The power finally came back on by 9:45 p.m. and many were relieved, even if it took almost 12 hours to get things up and running.

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