Milford Company Cuts Face Shields for Health Workers

NBC Connecticut

Speed of Sound Technologies in Milford has offered custom car work for more than 15 years. Now they’re offering custom face shields for healthcare workers.

“The VA hospital grabbed a bunch, the children’s hospital in Hartford grabbed some,” said owner Melinton Benavides.

They’ve made a thousand masks this week and will make another five hundred before they run out of plastics from their supplier.

“We’ve been calling throughout the country and we’re hearing they’re out for at least 25 to 30 days,” said Benavides.

He tells NBC Connecticut they’ll keep doing what they can for the people who need it. As a former medical student, Benavides says this project was close to him.

“Healthcare workers were posting that they were going into work without the proper equipment. And we knew that we could help out and we wanted to.”

He says going to work without equipment was unimaginable. So they got to work using a design shared by fellow auto shop workers. They started by cutting the shields on a laser cutter and then they figured out how to cut the head straps.

“It’s a great feeling being able to help but at the same time it’s heartbreaking thinking that you’re not doing enough,” said Benavides.

But just finding them is more than enough for some.

“We are so grateful that the speed of sound was able to help us out and produce these face shields for us,” said Kim Kreiger of Boys and Girls Village.

The shop plans to close this week but will work as long as they have the plastic. They’re looking for donations and more suppliers.

“I don’t know how the economy is going to come back after all of this is said and done, but right now our concern is keeping our health workers safe.”

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