Mold Issue Closes Doolittle School in Cheshire Today and Tomorrow

Cheshire Public Schools

A mold issue has closed a school in Cheshire on Tuesday and Wednesday.

District officials said a mold issue was found in several classrooms at Doolittle School.

According to officials, small amounts of mold were discovered in school-issued Chromebooks late Monday. There was also some mold found on the underside of some desks, they added.

In a letter to parents, district officials said the mold at Doolittle is "white/grey" mold and not "black mold" and the "very humid and warm conditions over the past week coupled with the lack of air circulation led to the outbreak in dark or more concealed areas around the school."

Servpro was called to the school to begin inspecting and remediating the situation, officials said. All classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and will be ready for use on Thursday, they added.

Cheshire Public Schools

Doolittle School will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and is expected to reopen on Thursday. The two days will be made up at the end of the school year, authorities said.

The library will remain closed on Thursday and will be sealed off from the rest of the building while Servpro completes the cleaning. Officials anticipate it will open on Friday.

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