New Britain Man, Friends Rape Teen Over 6 Days: Documents

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article contains graphic content.

A New Britain man is accused of kidnapping and drugging a teen and court documents say he and several of his friends are accused of raping her in a basement for six days.

Miguel Pagan, 20, of New Britain, has been charged with trafficking a person, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, unlawful restraint, kidnapping with a firearm and two counts of risk of injury to a minor by sexual contact.

Authorities are looking for seven other men believed to be involved in the sex assault.

New Britain Police said they received a report of a missing teen on April 7.

The 14-year-old's foster mother had contacted the girl's biological mother to say she was missing. When the girl's biological mother checked Facebook messenger, it appeared the teen hadn't been active in more than 16 hours, which was odd behavior, according to the court documents.

The mother soon learned that her daughter might be with "Wookie," who was later identified as Pagan.

She was then able to obtain Pagan's address and phone number through a mutual friend, police said.

A friend of the girl's family assisted police in arranging for the victim to be dropped off around the area of the McDonald's parking lot in the New Britain Plaza and brought her inside Price Rite, according to the documents.

Police said the family friend called Pagan and accused the 20-year-old of holding the teen against her will and raping her. The friend told police that the teen told him she was raped several times over the course of six days in Pagan's basement recording studio on Clark Street.

The responding officer said police had served a narcotics search warrant at the Clark Street address two years earlier and recalled the basement a music recording studio was being built there.

Police then saw Pagan posted an announcement on Facebook about a party he was throwing on April 13 and that is where officers ultimately arrested him.

During an interview at the station, the suspect admitted to having sex with the minor after picking her up on the west side of the city on April 7 and he also admitted to having photos of her on his phone, according to court documents.

Authorities applied for search warrants for Pagan's Facebook account and cellphone and found 13 photos of the victim dating back to April 3, indicating that he had known the girl before keeping her at his home for almost a week, according to court documents.

Police found that Pagan had exchanged text messages with a friend about the victim. They also found pictures of Pagan holding a long barreled black firearm. Pagan posted a video on Snapchat with the firearm with the caption, "talking (expletive) on Facebook this is what we give 'em."

The victim told police Pagan threatened to shoot her if she left or told anyone what happened.

Police found messages between Pagan and a person believed to be his mother, which include the person saying they heard Pagan was putting something in girls drinks and having sex with them. The person also urged Pagan to, "use CONDOMS NO EVIDENCE," the investigation found.

During an interview with police, the victim named eight men who raped her. She said Pagan had raped her several times over the course of six days and had bitten her.

The victim also said Pagan used a knife while raping her and cut her stomach and neck.

She had physical marks on her body that corroborated her story.

On the fifth day all eight men took turns having sex with her at one time, according to the court documents.

She said she made several attempts to escape but the window in the basement was too high. She said when she tried to leave, Pagan and his friends would hold her neck and arms back, the documents detail.

The victim told police that Pagan had given her a "white powder" to put on her lips and teeth a few times over the six days. After she washed it down with Hennessy, she fell asleep. Police later identified the white powder as MDMA or "Molly."

Pagan has pleaded not guilty, according to the online docket, and is being held on a $1 million bond.

Anyone who might have information on the case is asked to call New Britain police.

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