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New Executive Order Allows Medical Graduates to Begin Practicing

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Gov. Ned Lamont on Tuesday signed an executive order that will allow medical school and other medical professional graduates to begin practicing without licensing.

The order will allow these graduates to assist with the state's COVID-19 response during the public health and civil preparedness emergency. The governor made the move because the normal processes for exams and licensing are suspended.

The order does the same for marital and family therapy associates and processional counselor associates.

The state is calling on those with medical training to help respond to the crisis. In virus-battered New York, thousands of retired healthcare workers have returned to work and healthcare workers in less hard-hit parts of the country have flooded in to help manage the overwhelming number of cases.

The executive order also waives application fees for temporary permits for professionals administered b the state Department of Public Health and extends the duration of existing permits.

As of Tuesday, 7,781 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Connecticut, and 277 people have died.

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