New Haven's Chief Administrative Officer Stepping Down

New Haven’s Chief Administrative Officer who oversees numerous city departments, including police, fire and emergency management, is stepping down.

Michael Carter has held the high-level job in Mayor Toni Harp’s administration since shortly after she took office in 2014. Carter sent a letter to Harp on Friday announcing his resignation.

“Carter’s letter did not include a reason for his announced resignation,” said a release from the mayor’s office.

“In my business they tell you to never do an impromptu interview, but I am in shock,” New Haven Fire Chief John Alston told NBC Connecticut moments after learning Carter is leaving his job at City Hall. “He’s one of the reasons I came to the city, great person, brilliant person.”

Carter oversees numerous city departments, including the ones focused public safety.

“He’s kind of the quarterback in our team when we work a few things out,” Chief Alston said. “Knows a lot about incident command which always impressed me, knew a lot about emergency management.”

Director of Emergency Operations Rick Fontana said he credits Carter with improving how city departments coordinate their response to winter storms and snow removal.

“Will this be a big void for this city to fill?” NBC Connecticut asked Alston.

“I’m quite sure,” he said, “but you actually got me a little tongue tied here which is very rare for people that know me. I’m just going to say I wish him all the best.”

Carter is also in charge of public works, engineering, parks ‘n rec, human resources and the city’s public library system.

Carter could not be reached for comment because he is on vacation. His resignation is effective on September 7.

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