New London Restaurant Owner Teaches Thousands To Cook On Youtube During Pandemic

Jack Chaplin, owner of Daddy Jack's in New London, started video blogging 11 years ago.

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The dining room tables and chairs at Daddy Jack's in New London are empty. Now only open for limited take-out at night, the restaurant has never been quieter.

"It is a different world than it was a day ago, a week ago, a month ago," said Jack Chaplin, owner of the restaurant and head chef.

While the world has to stay out, Chaplin is still working to invite people in online. About 11 years ago, Chaplin started video blogging on Youtube. He now has more than 100,000 subscribers, describing his main mission quite simply: "teaching the world to cook."

Chaplin acknowledged that some chefs keep their recipes to themselves, but he does not like to hold back. He views the recipe videos as documenting history for generations.

"Somewhere down the line I can leave it for my children, grandchildren," said Chaplin.

Now that a historic pandemic is unfolding across the globe, Chaplin's perspective is no different. He is continuing to document history through cooking.

When restaurants across Connecticut were told that they could only serve dine-in meals, Chaplin did a Youtube live video, fielding questions and teaching viewers how to make an alfredo sauce.

Pastor Jack Madry, founder of Madry Temple and Chaplin's close friend, was a guest star on the Youtube live and was shocked to see hundreds of people from across the world tuning in and commenting.

"What Jack is doing here is making people happy the best way he can," said Madry.

Daddy Jack's is still open for limited take-out and they are selling make-at-home pizza kits. Chaplin said some people have even donated money to the restaurant so that they are able to give free pizza kits to families in need.

There are about 400 video recipes between Chaplin's two Youtube channels, Chaplin's Classics and Cooking with the Blues. Chaplin said he will continue to post recipe videos during the pandemic, but if he does not post as often he is encouraging people to explore all of the recipes on his Youtube channels and learn how to perfect them one at a time.

"I think it will create some happiness," said Chaplin. "Maybe that is going to be the only thing people look forward to is a nice home-cooked meal."

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