New Solar Panel Project in Bloomfield Could Cut Residents' Energy Costs

Eversource customers can subscribe to the new solar program and then receive a credit on their bill.

NBC Connecticut

Six thousand solar panels are now the source of potential savings for Bloomfield residents’ electric bills.

“The facility generates energy from the solar panels, that energy flows through a meter into the lines that are already on the street,” Jeff Lord, senior vice president of Clean Energy Collective said.

Lord said the Connecticut pilot project, known as a community solar project, eliminates having to put solar panels on homes or businesses. Instead Eversource customers subscribe to the program and then receive a credit on their bill.

“Typically residential folks and people are saving 10 percent or more so double digit savings without any risk for having to make any commitment or upfront purchase to do so,” Lord said.

“It’s going to make a difference for the citizens of the town, the taxes they have to pay,” Donald Harris, chairman of the Bloomfield Board of Education said.

The solar panels were built by Ameresco on Bloomfield Public Schools’ property. The district will get 60 percent of the project’s subscriptions, the remaining 40 percent will go to residents, half of which will go to low to moderate income customers.

“It’s a savings because we’re able to produce electricity at a lower rate than a power plant that is further away,” Raymond Hanna, senior project manager for Ameresco, said.

It’s clean energy that state leaders say they hope to expand throughout the state.

“This is important having renewable sources of energy reducing our carbon emissions into the atmosphere,” Representative Bobby Gibson said.

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