Newtown Police Warn of Scammers Impersonating Eversource

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Authorities in Newtown are warning residents to beware of scammers posing as Eversource employees in an attempt to scare people into giving money or sensitive information.

When determining whether or not it's a scammer calling you, police said you should look out for threats of immediate power disconnection, demands for immediate payment, or requests to pay with unusual methods such as gift cards. The power company will not turn your power off without prior written warning and they will not demand immediate payments, officials said.

Officials said that individuals should know that the caller ID could even say Eversource, but should still not fall for their scare tactics.

Anyone who is questioning whether or not they're being contacted by an Eversource scammer should reach out to the power company directly at 800-286-2000.

Authorities say that any other number you may be directed to is false and you should not call it.

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