Over 150 College-Aged Students Found at Party in Mansfield With No Masks, Social Distancing: CSP

State police vehicle

Three people were given tickets after state police said they found over 150 college-aged students at a party with no masks or social distancing in Mansfield on Saturday night.

Troopers were called to a home on Birch Road in Mansfield near UConn shortly before 11:30 p.m. after getting a complaint of a loud, large party.

When state police arrived, they said they witnessed the disturbance and saw numerous college-aged kids inside the home. According to investigators, there was an estimated total of 150-200 students seen exiting the home.

Investigators said there were no masks worn at the party and there was not any social distancing.

The renters at the home admitted to hosting the large party, police said.

The three renters were issued infraction tickets for hosting a large gathering in violation of the Governor's Executive Order.

UConn said they were waiting to hear from state police about the party.

"The University has not yet received information about this incident from the Connecticut State Police, including names of those individuals who were issued the infractions," said Elenor JB Daugherty, UConn dean of students and associate vice president for student affairs. "Receiving this information will enable the University to determine whether or not those cited are UConn students. If they are, the University will address this incident through the student conduct process."

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