People Ordering Larger Thanksgiving Meals Than Last Year

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While a lot of families are getting ready to cook their Thanksgiving feasts, many others are choosing convenience around the holidays.

Café Louise on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford took 80 to 100 orders this year for pre-made Thanksgiving dinners, which can include everything from turkey and gravy to stuffing and pie.

The owner, Louise Albin, and her staff spent Monday cooking and prepping a lot of the food that will be picked up on Wednesday.

This year they received more orders for larger parties, compared to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“Last year was party of two. Party of four was on the bigger size. This year we offered packages of two, four and like eight-10,” said Albin.

The increase in the larger sized orders are a sign that families are gathering together again, Albin said.

Café Louise also gets quite a few people who plan to go to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving but want to order food for leftovers.

“That we have a lot more this year, which we always had in the past, except for pandemic year,” said Albin.

Come Wednesday there will be a rush of people picking up their Thanksgiving feasts.

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