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Police Seeking Tips, Video After Suspected Hate Crime Near Yale Campus

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New Haven police are asking anyone with information about a possible hate crime to come forward as they investigate the attack of a Hispanic man near the Yale University campus early Saturday morning.

New Haven police Chief Karl Jacobson held a news conference Thursday morning and said the victim was attacked around 12:16 a.m. Saturday in the area of 284 York St. and has serious injuries, possibly including a broken jaw.  

Yale students learned in a message from the university's police chief that a Latino man was attacked by a group of young men on York Street. The group allegedly yelled racial slurs at the man, according to the victim and a witness.

As the victim and two of his friends were walking on York Street, there was a brief “bump,” some words were exchanged, and the assault occurred, police said Thursday.

Yale said the victim is not a member of the school community and it doesn’t appear that the suspects were either, based on what they know right now.

Police said Thursday that the victim’s girlfriend is a Yale student.

Jacobson addressed the police response to the assault during a briefing Thursday morning and said officers responded to take the initial report, went to the hospital, met with the victim and filed a report on the attack.  

The victim was released from the hospital after being treated but returned Saturday evening and the victim or hospital called police again, Jacobson said.

At that point, police again responded and took a similar report, but the name was little off, Jacobson said.

A detective was assigned to the case Monday afternoon and Jacobson said he feels the department “should have responded a little quicker with detectives” and cases will be assigned quicker on the weekend.

He said an email has gone out to supervisors instructing them to respond right away to cases if there is a possibility of racial hate and racial bias.

New Haven detectives are working closely with Yale police and said this is a New Haven police investigation because the assault happened on New Haven city streets.

The victim described the assailants as two males and investigators are looking to identify and speak with a group of possibly five people, but they cannot positively identify them from video.

Yale has several cameras and New Haven police said they have some video of part of the incident, but they are asking anyone who has additional information or video to come forward.

Investigators are hoping it will lead them to suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call 203-946-6304 or the tip line at 1-866-888-8477.

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