Police Up Patrols in Manchester After Large Gatherings, Deadly Double Shooting

Manchester officials say the region is seeing more large groups coming together in commuter lots and large parking lots.

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Manchester and State police are stepping up patrols after large gatherings in commuter lots the last two weekends. One of those gatherings ended with two people dead.

During the first weekend in August, Connecticut State Police responded to a shooting at the Buckland Street commuter lot around 2 a.m. Authorities say 100 to 200 people were there at the time and that a 20-year-old woman and 24-year-old man, both from Massachusetts, were shot and killed.

The following weekend, troopers responded to the same lot for reports of someone shooting a rifle. Police arrested two men, one from Massachusetts, the other from East Hartford, and seized multiple loaded firearms.

"The State Police will be going through the commuter lots. Our police will be assisting by going through the mall area and any shopping areas that have big parking lots where large groups could gather," said Manchester Mayor Jay Moran.

Moran says the region is seeing more large groups coming together in commuter lots and large parking lots.

Police say they'll have extra patrol officers working, concentrating efforts in areas of town where the types of gatherings have occurred.

"Large gatherings late at night that involve obviously violence, we're not going to tolerate. And I appreciate the cooperation and the work of our local police and state police together to keep an eye on this for us," said Moran.

Regarding the double-fatal shooting on August 2, state police describe the suspect vehicle as a possible 2013-2016 dark grey pickup with dark rims. Anyone with information is asked to contact Troop H.

Officials said if you see one of those large gatherings in a commuter lot or parking lot to reach out to police.

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