Sandy Hook Victim’s Mother Asks NRA Chief to Come to Newtown

Nelba Marquez-Greene posted her request on Facebook Monday.

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The mother of a first grader killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School has issued an open invitation to National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre to visit Newtown on Easter weekend.

Nelba Marquez-Greene, mother of Ana Marquez-Green, posted Monday on a Facebook tribute page to her daughter. Much of the post was about the pain she and her family have endured living without Ana.

"There is no escaping the pain. Your brother is in unbelievable pain. He gouges your name into everything he can find... and he remembers you every minute of every day," Nelba Marquez-Greene wrote. "My hands miss combing your thick brown hair. My eyes miss delighting in your growth. My lips miss kissing your chubby cheeks."

Then Marquez-Greene, who often posts on the Facebook page, issued what she called her "battle cry."

"Guess what, America? You have my daughter's blood on your hands. And I will not be bullied into being quiet." She continued about the number of people who die each day by gunfire.

Marquez-Greene then criticized LaPierre for "espousing hatred" before Ana had even been laid to rest.

"Yet I cannot bring myself to hate him. He is a lost soul and does not represent a good number of compassionate gun owners. I wonder what he is doing Easter weekend? Mr. LaPierre, you're welcome to come to Sandy Hook and explain to my son why we have one less place setting. You can even sleep over and stay in Ana's empty bed," she wrote.

In the post, Marquez-Greene called out mental health and video game industry advocates as well, urging them not to brush off criticisms that mass shootings are a are result of a combination of issues.

"Please encourage your leaders to advocate for common sense legislation that addresses comprehensive changes to our mental health, video game and gun laws. Tell them we don't believe we should have to pick between protecting our rights and our children."

A request for a response to Marquez-Greene's post has been submitted to the NRA.

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