Seymour Pastor Accused of Stealing From Parish

Father Honore Kombo has been removed as pastor at St. Augustin Church in Seymour over allegations that he stole money from the parish.

"We are all upset. The whole parish is upset," longtime parishioner Jackie Sarkes said Thursday. "We loved Father Kombo."

Suspicion that Kombo broke the Eighth Commandment began, apparently, when the Archdiocese of Hartford discovered what it describes to NBC Connecticut as "financial irregularities."

The archdiocese declined to comment further, but the public is speaking.

"I think that's very sad because people do come to church believing in their preacher," said Amber Tillman, who lives near St. Augustin.

The Archdiocese says it won't likely offer comment until its investigation is complete, and is offering no timetable.

But those we asked say if Kombo is guilty of any wrongdoing, he shouldn't wait to speak.

"Not to say they can't forgive him, but he definitely needs to make up for that and obviously stop," Tillman said.

Meanwhile, Sarkes is holding on to her faith, not just in the larger sense, but specifically in the man she says churchgoers have come to know and love.

"He was a good priest, and I'm sure he still is a good priest, and I hope this is going to go well for him and well for us," she said.

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