Siding Falls Off Storrs Condos, Affects Businesses

Off-campus condos at UConn have finally been fixed after some of the siding fell off of it last week.

Siding from The Oaks On The Square condos began falling off late last week affecting the businesses under it.

Insomnia Cookies closed for two days.

“The paneling started coming off and they didn’t want anyone to get hit and then I also got a call on Saturday saying we’re not going to open because they were working on it all day,” said Alexis Waller who works there.

Mooyah Burger, which is located next to the cookie shop had to open their side door for business.

“Yeah, we closed the entire area but after they built that stuff there, everybody can just walk in,” said employee, Alberto Negron.

Maintenance crews spent Monday afternoon fixing the siding. Developer of the condominiums, EDR said siding became loose Thursday, but did not fall.

“In those particular boards it could have been a manufacturing defect or perhaps the way they were fastened the nails that are pneumatically driven could have been driven, could’ve been over driven through the surface," said Mike Ninteau, Mansfield's Director of Building and Housing.

Crews then blocked the sidewalk area directly under the dangling siding to prevent anyone from being hurt. Town building inspectors expect the sidewalk shed to be removed soon.

No one was displaced because of the siding incident.

The apartments are privately owned and not affiliated with UConn.

The Oaks at the Square were built in 2012.

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