Students in Hartford Help Pack Thousands of Meals for Families in Need

Students at Milner Middle School in Hartford helped pack thousands of meals for hungry families on Wednesday.

"I helped weigh the bags and make sure it's the right amount," said Zerafia Austin, of Hartford.

Austin was one of about 50 students helping Cigna pack about 20,000 meals.

They spent the morning measuring and bagging rice, spices and lentils to make jambalaya meals.

About 10-percent of what they make will go to hungry families in Hartford.

Cigna's partner, Feeding Children Everywhere, will distribute the other 90-percent to hungry families around the world.

"I think it's good because you're getting to help other people," said Xanyaa LaPorte, of Hartford.

"Everybody deserves to eat and we have enough food in the world to be shared with everybody," Austin added.

Cigna sponsored the activity in seven cities and expects to have a total of 245,000 meals packed by the end of the day on Wednesday.

The event also addresses food insecurity, which is something that some of the students have also faced.

“It’s really meaningful because we understand that not everybody has the same privilege of being able to have a meal on their table every night so the fact that we’re able to give back here is really meaningful and honestly it’s inspiring," said the Field Marketing Manager of Cigna Connecticut Mark Cole.

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