Student Injures 4 Teachers After Throwing Chairs, Tables: Police

A 10-year-old Fairfield student injured four teachers when he started throwing chairs and tables in the classroom, police said.

Police were called to Dwight Elementary School at 1 p.m. when a student was "experiencing behavioral issues," Fairfield Police said.

“We're not exactly sure what caused the student to all of a sudden just lose it," said Lt. James Perez of the Fairfield Police Department.

Four teacher recieved minor injuries when they tried to manage the student.

“In an attempt to calm him down, they ended up receiving various different minor injuries," Lt. Perez said.

One teacher was transported to Saint Vincent's Hospital and another saw a private physician. The other two declined medical attention, according to police.

The child was released to his parents at the scene. 

Dan Corcoran contributed to this report.

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