Fruit of a Suit

Ordering fruit for another company has a Higganum watermelon company in a $90,000 mess.

Bronx-based A&J Produce Co. has sued Watermelon Express for $91,000, claiming the watermelon company owes $91,000 for fruit that was delivered to the company in 2008, the Middletown Press reports.

The owners of Watermelon Express told the paper that the accusation is bananas, that they ordered the fruit for a New Haven-based company that was supposed to foot the bill.

“[A&J Produce] accepted his checks for a whole year,” Charles Annicelli, co-owner of Watermelon Express, told the Middletown Press. “How do they come back to me and say I’m liable? We didn’t buy the produce. We didn’t sell the produce. We didn’t receive any money for the produce. This stuff was not delivered to us, and we are not responsible.”

U.S. Marshals were ordered to bring Annicelli and his wife and co-owner Kathleen Annicelli to a Hartford courthouse on Monday, Feb. 23 because they did not present themselves in court or file proper paperwork.

The Press reports that documents from the U.S. District Court indicate the Annicellis owe $90,666.50 for wholesale produce ordered and delivered between July 23 and Aug. 8, 2008.

The Annicellis also have more problems in their fruit-basket.

The Press says they are being sued for $70,000 by D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York, under comparable conditions.

D'Arrigo Bros. filed the suit in January. 

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