Video Catches Bear Scaring Man Away in West Hartford

A man who was standing outside a home in West Hartford got quite a scare when a bear came running up.

Captured on home security video Wednesday, an image West Hartford’s Andrew Crumbie wasn’t expecting. A solicitor, handing out business cards, chased away by a bear.

“I was shocked, absolutely shocked,” Crumbie said. “I yelled to my son, you gotta see this.”

Brenden Crumbie says he laughed when he saw the video.

“It was really funny,” he said, “but I felt bad for the guy, he could’ve gotten really hurt.”

Andrew Crumbie says he saw bears on his security camera earlier that day and never thought twice about it. He’s used to seeing bears in his West Hartford neighborhood but rarely this close to his front door.

“I’ve seen them walk through the back yard but typically when there’s people there, they don’t approach,” he said while laughing. “At least that’s been my experience so far.”

Crumbie says he didn’t expect to see the solicitor again, yet the man returned today. Again, Crumbie was not home. The video though, shows a man who was a little more prepared.

“It was distinct that the second time around he was facing in that direction,” Crumbie said, pointing toward where the bear came from on Wednesday. “His head was on a 360. He was looking all around the second time around.”

Crumbie said he is blown away by the response his video has gotten. He posted it to social media and it has gotten nearly 12,000 views so far.

Because of the social media posting, someone has put Crumbie in touch with the solicitor and the two are expected to meet Saturday.

Crumbie said he has two things to say to him.

“I’d apologize and as a lawyer I would tell him it wasn’t my bear," Crumbie said.

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