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Vigil Condemns Hate After Suspected Arson at New Haven Mosque

In New Haven, community members came together to condemn hate after someone set fire to the Diyanet Mosque on Middletown Avenue.

It comes as worshipers begin to move forward.

There was an outpouring of love, with people of all faiths and backgrounds standing together, as a unity vigil took place at the mosque on Thursday.

The building was scarred by a fire that authorities say was intentionally set.

“Heartbreaking,” Gwen Severance of Hamden said.

We’re getting our first look inside the burned mosque. Pictures captured the damage after flames took off on Sunday.

PICTURES: A Look at the Fire Damage at New Haven Mosque

But there is a bit of good news from mosque leaders about whether they will be able to fix it.

“Yes, we will. We will,” Haydar Elevli, the mosque president, said.

On Thursday, people donated money that will go to a reward for information.

Already more than $12,000 is being offered to help find whoever is responsible.

“I just abhor the violence that has befallen so many people in their worship places around the world,” Judy Lhamon of Hamden, said.

On Thursday, worshipers resumed their prayers here after the mosque rented mobile office trailers.

Muslims are in the midst of Ramadan, considered their holiest month of the year.

While some mosque members say they are not mad at whoever was behind the fire, others delivered a strong message.

“If you burn down any mosque, synagogue or church in our community, we will rebuild it, every single time,” Alicia Strong, a community activist, said.

Right now local, state and federal authorities are scrambling to find whoever sparked the flames there.

Worshipers said they were not aware of any threats against the mosque.

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