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Javier Colon sang his heart out on Tuesday night with his rendition of Sarah McLachlan's hit "Angel" during his first live performance on "The Voice." 

Just minutes before the show started, Javier called his big sister, Mickie, who was at Rookies in Cromwell with friends to watch Javier perform.

“He wants to thank everyone for coming. He just tweeted about it," Mickie said before telling her brother she loved him and wished him luck.

Mickie was one of her brother’s first fans and she said the response from the show has been overwhelming.

“It’s been crazy. It’s been a whirlwind and we’ve just had a great time supporting him and it’s been exciting for all of us,” Mickie said of her brother’s success on the new NBC hit show.

The friends who gathered at Rookies have known Javier for several years.

They said they are not surprised at all to see Javier performing on national television. In fact, several of them said this is just the beginning.

“(I'm) just excited to see people get excited about him,” Beata Ventura, of Shelton, said.

“We all know, once you get plugged in, deals start happening. So I think his career is going to take off. It already has,” Barb Corrigan, of Glastonbury, said.

“No matter what happens on “The Voice” he is a star and he will continue to be a star,” Amy Tebecio, of West Hartford, said.

His fans at Rookies gave Javier's live performance rave reviews, but it'll be a week before Javier and his family find out if America agreed, as the votes are tallied.

”It’s going to be nerve wracking,” Mickie Colon said. “I think it’s great they allow the voting to go so long, but it’s going to be a hard week to get through.”

You can help Javier by casting your vote. You must vote before 10 a.m. next Monday.

Call 1-855-VOICE-08, cast a vote by buying his version of "Angel" on i-Tunes or by vote on the Web site for the Voice.

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