‘We Grin and Bear It Now': Bolton Homes Cut Off After Henri Washes Out Bridge

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People in four homes in Bolton are essentially cut off following Henri.

They now need to cross a river and hike through the woods to get home after a bridge was washed out on their private road, Mark Anthony Lane, off of Route 6.

Arthur Lajoie is among about a dozen people now dealing with not being able to drive to their homes.

“Our property value is worth nothing right now. Can’t get a garbage truck across, can’t get a septic truck across. You can’t get a fire truck across,” said Lajoie.

As the Hop River continues to roar, people in four homes on Mark Anthony Lane – including Lajoie - must hike through the woods and cross a foot bridge to get back and forth to their cars.

Thankfully they had moved the cars to the other side of the river before the storm moved in.

“We’ll figure it out. Most of us stocked up on food there naturally because you never know when you’re going to lose power there,” said Lajoie.

We’re told normally the river isn’t much.

But it roared to life on Sunday, taking out the bridge which had been temporarily fixed after a previous washout back in July.

Right now if there’s some type of emergency, state and local authorities have come up with a plan according to Bolton First Selectman Sandra Pierog.

“We’ve identified a procedure to get somebody out if that should happen,” said Pierog.

She says the town is also helping to find short and long-term solutions.

But there are limits since Pierog says the deeds for the homes make it clear who should maintain the bridge.

“I think the residents would be responsible for most of the costs and it’s just how much federal and state aid we can get for them,” said Pierog.

Now residents are working with the town and amongst themselves to figure it out.

Lajoie worries a permanent fix could take awhile and run more than half-million dollars.

“We grin and bear it now. It’s wintertime if we don’t get a temporary bridge by winter we’re going to be in deep trouble,” said Lajoie.

The first selectman says they’re planning a meeting sometime later next week so that the town and homeowners can update everyone on where things stand.

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