West Hartford Families Still Cleaning Up After Sewer Blockage

Several residents in a West Hartford neighborhood are still cleaning up after a sewer liner collapse flooded basements with raw sewage two weeks ago.

The Metropolitan District Commission and the town are holding a meeting for Linbrook Road residents Thursday night to give information and answer questions.

Linbrook Road remains shut down and there is a bypass system running around the clock while repairs are underway.

The sewer liner collapse created a sewage backup that flooded basements causing thousands of dollars in damage and destroying personal items.

“I think there’s a lot of unknowns at this point and it’s just overwhelming,” said Kelly Proulx said.

Proulx, whose basement was flooded, said she plans to attend a Thursday’s meeting with MDC.

"The biggest concern is, are they going to prevent it from happening again?" she said.

A spokesperson for the MDC said it is working on the issue. Right now, its waiting on results of a strength and durability test of a new sewer liner. If all goes well, installation on a new sewer liner could start this week.

The MDC said insurance adjusters have made contact with most of the affected homeowners. Homeowners can find more information on the MDC website.

"It’s just tiring, and we don’t know when it’s all going to end," homeowner Allison Saulsbury said.

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