Your Guide to the Primary Elections Today in Connecticut

Voting in Norwich

The Connecticut primaries are happening today and voters across the state will be voting in several primary races. There is a Republican primary for the United States Senate and one for U.S Representative. There are primaries for Secretary of the State, Treasurer and several state senate and representative races.

When Are the CT August 2022 Primaries?

The Connecticut primaries are today, Tuesday, Aug. 9.

The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

An absentee ballot must be received by the municipal clerk by the close of the polls if it is mailed or if it is returned by a member of the immediate family of the applicant in person or the qualified designee of an ill or physically disabled ballot applicant in person.

It was due the day before the primaries if it is returned in person by the applicant, according to the Secretary of the State’s Office.

Who Is Running in the CT Primaries in August 2022?

If you do not know which district you are in, you can find districts by town here.

United States Senator, Republican Primary

  • Themis Klarides
  • Leora R. Levy
  • Peter Lumaj

U.S. House, 4th District, Republican Primary

  • Jayme Stevenson
  • Michael Ted Goldstein

Secretary of the State, Democratic Primary

  • Maritza Bond
  • Stephanie Thomas

Secretary of the State, Republican Primary

  • Dominic Rapini
  • Terrie E. Wood

Treasurer, Democratic Primary

  • Erick Russell
  • Dita Bhargava
  • Karen DuBois-Walton

CT State Senate, 23rd District, Democratic Primary

  • Dennis Bradley (Incumbent)
  • Herron Gaston

CT State Representative, 16th District, Democratic Primary

  • Melissa E. Osbourne
  • Eric Wellman

CT State Representative, 34th District, Democratic Primary

  • Kurt Comisky
  • John Olin

CT State Representative, 69th District, Republican Primary

  • Jason Buchsbaum
  • Cindy Harrison (Incumbent)

CT State Representative, 78th District, Republican Primary

  • Joe Hoxha
  • Aileen Abrams

CT State Representative, 98th District, Democratic Primary

  • Moira Rader
  • Andy Gottlieb

CT State Representative, 116th District, Democratic Primary

  • Trenee McGee (Incumbent)
  • Joseph Miller

CT State Representative, 127th District, Democratic Primary

  • Marcus Brown
  • Jack Hennessy

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced in June that she would leave office before the end of her third term to spend more time with her husband, who has been living with Parkinson’s disease for years.

State treasurer Shawn Wooden announced in April that he would not be seeking re-election.

See the Ballot for Your City or Town

You can find sample ballots for each city and town online here. Note, these might not have the most current information on candidates.

How to Register to Vote in Connecticut

If an unaffiliated voter wanted to vote in a primary, the deadline was noon on Aug. 8 at the registrar.

Connecticut Election Day Hotline

The Election Day hotline is 866-SEEC-INFO (866-733-2463) and the email address is

They are available throughout Election Day for anyone who witnesses voting irregularities.

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